The 10 Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protectors

You may have spent quite a lot of money for your new Samsung Galaxy S6 that has just hit the market very recently. As such, no one would want such a premium phone to be altered due to scratches. A solid and quality screen protector is thus an essential add-on for your new phone. However, it is not that easy to find the best one that fits the newly released S6, providing the variety of screen protectors out there in the market. Therefore, below top-10 list hopes to provide the best choices for you to consider based on your personal preferences.

#1. Trianium Galaxy S6 Glass Screen Protector

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This tempered glass screen protector from Titanium is easily the best screen protector you should get right now for your Samsung Galaxy S6. The sleek and quality design fits perfectly for the shape of the galaxy S6. Regarding the material used for this screen protector, it guarantees nothing but an ultra-clear high-definition quality that comes from the ballistic, tempered glass build. Needless to say, it features maximum protection for your phone’s screen from daily scratches, bumps or high-impact drops.

#2. Flexion Ultra HD Clear Screen Protector

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The Flexion Guardian Series Ultra HD Clear Screen Protector has been ranked as the best protector that features extreme high definition screen with 99.9% touchscreen sensitivity, compared to a normal galaxy S6 without a screen protector. It was designed with precise and cutting-edge technology, allowing for a great screen protection experience that may not be seen in other normal screen protectors in the market.

#3. Ionic Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Film Invisible Smartphone

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Another screen protector from Ionic also hits the top-10 list at number 3. This screen protector is specifically made for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S6 with a lifetime Replacement Warranty. Overall, this screen protector features a nice, smooth and clear screen material that lets you feel almost invisible when it is applied on your phone’s screen. In addition to the quality scratch-free and fingerprint-free protection, this screen protector also has a non-adhesive backing that will not leave your phone’s screen sticky after removal.

#4. JETech 3-Pack Screen Protector film HD Clear

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Featuring similar specifications to the previous one, this JETech 3-Pack Screen Protector film HD Clear Retail Packaging provides an extra feature that only this version has; i.e. the clear high-definition screen technology that provides an almost invisible feature to your phone’s screen. Also, this screen protector lets your phone free from dust, fingerprint and scratches, which you normally see on a normal phone with no screen protector.

#5. JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film

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The JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film is an absolute quality screen protector for the new Samsung Galaxy S6. You ask for high responsiveness and advanced protection, this screen protector from JETech delivers such features perfectly. Built with quality, high-standard tempered glass, this screen protector has a rounded edge that is perfect for the size and design of the galaxy S6. It also comes with an easy installation guide that lets you apply your screen protector with ease and no bubble or rainbow line.

#6. amFilm Premium HD Clear Screen Protector

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The amFilm Premium HD Clear (Invisible) Screen Protector is a must-have accessory for your new galaxy S6 if you want a screen protector that feels almost invisible. It has a top-notch 3-layer PET invisible film that fits perfectly for the design of the new Samsung galaxy S6. It provides smooth touch sensitivity and a firm protection for daily dust, scratches or signs of wear. The pack comes with three pieces of screen protector; a plastic squeeze card to help with your installation; and a nice microfiber cloth for cleaning purpose.

#7. Ionic Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered Glass 2020

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Ionic Pro is a one of the well-known companies that produces quality and premium phone’s screen protectors. As such, its Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered Glass 2020 is a quality and premium accessory you should get for your new S6. It has a well-polished finish that helps to keep the edges very smooth, as well as lets you swipe across the phone’s screen very comfortably. This screen protector features an ultimate protection for your phone’s screen, due to its thick and shatter proof technology that allows your phone safe from high impact drops or scratches.

#8. Yousave Accessories Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

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This new screen protector from Yousave is built specially for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S6. It works perfectly as a protection shield to the touchscreen sensitivity from scratches, dust and scrapes. It comes in as a set of 3 packs of clear screen guards, fit nicely to the shape of the new galaxy S6. Along with the pack, you also find a nice microfiber polishing cloth to help cleaning your screen, as well as an application card to help you install the screen protector very nicely and conveniently.

#9. LK Samsung Galaxy S6 Tempered Glass Protector

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Here is another product that also comes from LK. It is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Tempered Glass Protector that has a special build for anti-scratching. With its tempered glass build, this screen protector helps protect your phone from sharp objects’ drop or even accidental drops that you may encounter. As it is made of glass, it seems thicker than the regular plastic ones. However, you need not to worry about the functionality of your phone as this LK tempered glass screen protector guarantee advanced touch sensitivity, thanks to its 99% high transparency technology.

#10. LK Samsung Galaxy S6 Premium HD Clear Screen Protector

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Coming at number 10, this screen protector from LK is a premium screen protector that provides your new galaxy S6 with premium HD clear view, just like its original screen. This screen protector uses a modern Nano-coated technology that is perfect for anti-scratch, anti-dust and anti-oil. It also features fewer fingerprints and no rainbow line, which are normally seen in other regular screen protectors. This screen protector pack also comes with an easy installation guide that lets you install it on your S6’s screen very easily.

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