The 10 Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S6 has just hit the market of smartphones recently. As a result, this new model to the “Galaxy S” category of Samsung has attracted remarkable attentions from consumers all around the world. At the same time, there has also been a notable increase in the production of various phone cases to supply the newly released Samsung Galaxy S6. If you are considering of getting a perfect case for your new Galaxy S6, then the top-10 list below will certainly help you choose the right one.

#1. Ionic BELLA [dual layer] Protective Case

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The Ionic BELLA [dual layer] Protective Case is by far the best phone case you can get for your new Samsung Galaxy S6. It features a slim and sleek design, with the two layer built-in case that is perfect for protection against drops and damages. The inner body has a soft layer that protects the phone body from scratches and dust. Overall, you cannot go wrong with this new case from Ionic. This phone case delivers all the necessary features a perfect phone case requires.

#2. Spigen Neo Hybrid Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

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Another popular phone case from Spigen hits the second rank of the list as one of the best-looking cases of all time. It features a polycarbonate bumper and a shock-absorbing TPU case which are the two essential elements for making a perfect phone case. The metallized-button feature that is included in this case offer a comfortable and user-friendly experience for users, as they can press the covered buttons conveniently just like with no case.

#3. Yousave Accessories Black Genuine Leather Wallet Cover

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This Black Genuine Leather Wallet Cover from Yousave Accessories marks another perfect phone case for Samsung Galaxy S6. This leather wallet cover phone case offers an extra protection to the phone due its premium quality leather used and full magnetic-closing cover. The wallet case has an extensive room for storing business credit cards as well as money. Coming in with the case, there is also a nice and clear screen protector, with a soft microfiber cleaning cloth included.

#4. Obliq Ultra Slim Fit Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

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The Oblig Ultra Slim Fit Case has been ranked as one the best-looking cases for Samsung Galaxy S6. The design does not take away the premium build of the Galaxy S6 but add more grips and sleek design to the phone, making it even more beautiful and worth buying. It has an MSF case protection technology that can give maximum protection to the whole phone’s body. With its metalized back plate and soft non-slip matte surface, this phone case from Oblig offers a perfect and comfortable on-hand grip that is difficult to find in other normal cases.

#5. Caseology Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

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The Caseology Wavelength Series Case has a very sleek and trendy design, suitable for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S6. The material used for making this case is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which holds perfect protection against dirt, oil and scratches. This case from Caseology, a leading case manufacturer in South Korea, also features quality and precise cut-outs, which are great for access to all ports, cameras, microphone and speakers of the phone.

#6. CINEYO(TM) Heavy Duty Rugged Dual Layer Case with kickstand

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The CINEYO Heavy Duty Rugged Dual Layer Case would be the right deal if you want something unique and functional. This phone case comes with a variety of colour choices, suitable for everyone at any age. Younger people may go for a colourful, fancy kind of look, while older people can consider a more conventional design. It features a high-quality, poly carbonate hard shell that is perfect for heavy duty protection. The kickstand that is included at the back of the case also comes in very handy, as you can simply use it to turn your awesome phone case into a small media centre.

#7. Ionic Complete Protection Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Leather Case

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By the name itself, the Ionic Complete Protection Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Leather Case does not only function as a great phone case but also a good leather case to store your cash or credit cards. Coming in a form of leather case, this phone case offers complete protection around the phone, making it very safe for exterior impacts. The leather provides a soft and perfect protection for the phone’s back and screen. Simply slide in your Samsung Galaxy S6 in this leather phone case, you will immediately look classy and elegant wherever you go!

#8. Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Impact Protection

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The Spigen Resilient Galaxy S6 Case Impact Protection is a perfect choice for people who like neat and classy design. Not only does it provide a very sleek look, this case also comes with nice glossy accents featuring carbon fibre textures, which feels great on hand. This popular case from Spigen also has an air-cushion technology which was made specifically for shock absorption. Inside, it has an interior spider-web design which helps to maintain your phone firm and nice within the case.

#9. OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES for Samsung Galaxy S6

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OtterBox is very well known for its strong-built cases specially design to protect heavy impacts. Likewise, the new OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES for Samsung Galaxy S6 is definitely one of the best cases you should get if you want a strong protection for your phone. This very model is quite thin and lightweight; yet, it delivers perfect protection against bumps and drops, with a self-adhesive screen protector included for guarding against usual scratches.

#10. Speck CandyShell Case

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This CandyShell Case from Speck is a very nice case that provides both fashionable design and quality build. The exterior material is made of hard plastic, but has a glossy type of finish that can ensure protection against strong impacts as well as convenience in sliding in and out of pockets. The colour is charcoal grey with anti-freeze yellow, which provides a very sleek looking add-on to your new galaxy S6.

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