Best Windshield Ice and Snow Covers for Cars

After a chilly wintry night, having to witness ice, frost, and snow affirming their positions on you cars’ windshields and windows is similar to waking up and putting your wrong foot first on the floor. The worst part is when you have to brush and scrape this layering off with your ice scrapper early in the morning to be able to drive your vehicle to work. Windshield covers for ice and snow ensure that you do not have to go through the tedious task of scraping every day and instead, can welcome the wintry snow. Providing in-situ protection of the windshields from any kind of layer formation or accumulation and protecting the blades of wipers and wiper fluids, windshield covers for ice and snow answer the question – Why do you need a car cover?

Once you get the flavor of a solution, you start searching for the best solution. The next two questions to answer are – “How to choose the best car cover?” and “What is the best car cover?

To deal with the accumulating snow, frost or ice on windshields, it is, therefore, necessary to choose the best windshield snow cover for one’s vehicle. This choice depends on the material that the windshield is made of, the locking mechanism, the functionalities of the windshield (whether it can be used only for protection against frost or can it prevent sunlight as well during summers?), area coverage on the surface of the windshield and other accessories that accompany it for an enhanced usage. These criteria are the ones which you must consider before choosing the best windshield ice and snow covers for you vehicles.

To answer these questions for you, here are the best windshield snow covers, with their features –

#1. The Exlight Trading Polyester Car Snow Cover

The Exlight Trading Polyester Car Snow Cover, best windshield ice and snow covers for cars

A 560 gram weighing, silver colored car snow cover is Enlight’s quality answer to accumulating ice on windshields. The design is such that the ropes or straps extending from the windshield cover need to be fixed on the car wheels for proper affixation. The dimensions of this windshield cover are 165 cm x 165 cm x 45 cm. Made of polyester material, one side is waterproof and the other side being cotton, this is one of the best waterproof car covers.

Pros –

  • Quality material – After taking it off the windshield you simply need to shake the material and all snow and frost shall be cleared off the cover’s surface.
  • Protects wiper fluid from clogging and reduces snow formation on wiper blades.
  • It secures on all four corners, thereby minimizing the risk of being blown off by wind.
  • It has a shorter defrost time and thus, saves fuel.

Cons –

  • Comes only in one size, making it unavailable for many car models.
  • Extension hooks or straps or ropes which have to be affixed on the wheels can be a tad inconvenient.
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#2. SnowOff Car Windshield Snow Cover and Sunshade Protector Kit

SnowOff Car Windshield Snow Cover and Sunshade Protector Kit

Coming from SnowOff, this magnetic windshield cover for snow and ice is actually a two in one product, with one side acting as a convenient frost protector and the other side as a sunshade protector. The windshield cover is made of tough weather resistant fabric and is waterproof. Especially designed for the convenience of women, this cover comes in two sizes, which fit almost all vehicles – Medium (up to 50 inches high x 62 inches wide + wings) for CRVs and Cars; and Large ( up to 57 inches high x 74 inches wide + wings) for Trucks, SUVs and RVs.

Pros –

  • Serves two cases in one – Windshield Cover against frost and snow on the front; and windshield sun shade on the back.
  • Designed with 8 magnets, instead of the usually used 5 magnets – 3 magnets on the top and 5 at the bottom. This ensures firm and fixed positioning of the cover.
  • The shape of this windshield and car cover is unique owing to its long skirt cover car wipes. This prevents defrosting and protects gas and washer fluid.

Cons –

  • The only cons as experienced by users is the thickness of the material being too low, leading to shape complexities at times.

With a microfiber demisting cleaning cloth and an emergency survival blanket coming free of cost with this product, the SnowOff Car Windshield Snow Cover and Sun Shade Protector Kit is available on Amazon.
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#3. Windshield Snow Cover – Frostguard Windshield and Wiper Cover by X-Shade

Windshield Snow Cover – Frostguard Windshield and Wiper Cover by X-Shade

Another one in the range of dual purpose solving windshield covers is the Windshield Snow Cover – Frostguard Windshield, made by X-Shade. Made of high-quality polyester material, this windshield cover is available in the dimension of 57 inches high x 74 inches wide. The polyester cover has 2 covers on the opposite sides – black and gray, making it convenient to identify the use of each side. Coming with a storage pouch, this is one of the best summer as well as winter car covers as rated by its users.

Pros –

  • Two in one usage – Against frost and snow in winters, and against Ultraviolet rays in the summers.
  • Anti-theft door flaps magnets around its edges, all in all 4 in number. This also ensures compact and fixed fitting on the windshield.
  • Waterproof and high quality polyester material ensures an incredible fit on the windshield.

Cons –

  • The only con experienced by a handful of customers was the low quality of the magnets. Apart from that, this product has been widely appreciated, making it one of the best waterproof car covers.
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#4. FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield and Wiper Cover (XL 52496)

FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield and Wiper Cover

A durable and efficient windshield cover for winters, FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield Cover, manufactured by Delk Products, is made of water resistant fabric and prevents scratches or damages on windshields of cars. This product has a patent-pending looping system to ensure that the conveniently securable cover is in its place, even during fast winds. Especially designed for larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and RVs, its dimensions are 70 inches length x 39 inches high.

Pros –

  • The patent-pending looping system where the loops at the edges of the cover are put around the vehicle’s side view mirrors. This comes with a Fit-Fast attachment system which ensures that the task of covering takes minimum time.
  • The one size fits all design of the cover ensures that custom-made, which are high prices, can be avoided.

Cons –

  • Although water resistant, this product which is priced higher than the X-Shade Window Shield Cover, doesn’t offer a summer use as sun shades.

With the innovative position-locking system in the form of looping and with a dry pouch for easy storage.
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#5. Delk FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover 52495

Delk FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover 52495

Available in shades of black, red and purple, Delk Products’ Windshield Cover 53495 is made of a relatively smoother material which doesn’t stick to the windshield in any weather condition. Made of water-resistant material, the cover is durable and efficiently covers the windshield wipers and air vents, if the right size is purchased. This cover has elastic straps which go around the side-view mirrors, thereby giving the cover a perfect and comfortable fit on your windshield.

Pros –

  • Scratch-proof and high quality material which gets rid of snow, frost, ice and leaves easily on being shaken off.
  • Protects the vehicle’s defroster and ensures that the wiper fluids are not damaged.

Cons –

  • The attachment system of the cover with the vehicle is in the form of elastic hooks which are looped around the side view mirror. This makes it susceptible to theft.

The Delk FrostGuard Windshield Cover comes with a free storage pouch.
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All in all, these are the five popularly used windshield ice and snow covers owing to their superior quality and performance. After all, when you simply take the windshield cover off your vehicle, early in the morning to find a spotless windshield, and witness your neighbors having to scrape the layers of frost off theirs, you feel contented and happy in being the “neighbor’s envy” and in being smarter than them all. Making a choice is wise; making the best possible choice is wiser.

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