Top 10 Best Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

Due to climate change, nowadays the weather is almost unpredictable. While today it might be too hot, another day might be too rainy. That is why we need extra precaution to protect our loveable products, especially our cell phones. In case of rainy day, you will just need a waterproof cell phone case or bag to cover your products. With different designs and prices, here are best 10 quality and affordable price of cell phone waterproof cases being reviewed in this article.

#1. Universal Waterproof iPhone Case by Wildtek

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With IPX8 Certified to 30ft for at least 30 minutes in water, you now can protect your expensive mobile phone from getting damaged when accidentally submerging into water. Plus, with its more durable and eco-friendly construction, this case is not only much more flexible but it also doesn’t release harmful chemicals when burned and will be biodegraded in soil in 5 years.

#2. H2NO® DRY BAG – Blue Camo

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To stop worrying about your expensive mobile phone getting wet and damaged when going to outdoor activities related to water fun such as swimming, snorkeling, water parks, and kayaks, let’s own this BLUE-CAMO H2NO Waterproof Case for your cell phones. What a plus is that it also can hold your credit cards, mobile device and your cash to keep them all safe and dry as it works as a Mobile Phone WALLET for you.

#3. Samsung 5 Waterproof Cell Protective Case

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This is one of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Case that ever made being the thinnest, lightest and all-protective from Water. The Armour Shell’s Robust Cell Case can survives drop impacts from over 13 ft high and is submersible to over 13 ft deep, which made it is the toughest waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 Case available that comes with full 12 weeks manufacturer’s warranty and the 100% customers satisfaction guarantee.


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KONA® WATERPROOF iPHONE CASE is completely crystal clear design waterproof which make you confident to take and use your cell phone anywhere up to 100ft without a drop of water getting in. With its 30% stronger welded seam than other pouches, it fits big smartphones tool that can utilize all touch screens functions while your phone is fully protected.

#5. Kobert Waterproof Case

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Built in stand to support your phones, a waterproof pouch you can be reliable enough to put your cell phone underwater up to 100 feet (30 meters). The case can also be used for keeping a small camera dry because the Kobert Waterproof Case material allows full functionality touch screen access and the ability to take photos while the pouch is still equipped.

#6. Snugg® iPhone 6 Case

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This product comes with a lifetime guarantee since the Snugg® Promise is perfect fit with high quality materials and craftsmanship. The comprehensive protection protects your cell phones in snow, dirt, mud, and grease and in water up to a depth of 4 meters. To accommodate your style, the cases are available in 12 different colours to meet your own interests.

#7. iPhone 5s Waterproof Cell Protective Case, Best Mobile Hard Skin Protection Covers

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Perfectly engineered for outdoor activities such as mountain-biking, swimming, boating, camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, and all kinds of general beach & water fun, this iPhone 5s Waterproof cell protective case will make you NO more stuffing from your iPhone/Smartphone in your pocket creating bulk.

#8. Waterproof iPhone Case

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With a secure Snap Lock System, the FitFonTM Waterproof iPhone Case With Universal Waterproof External Earphone/ Accessory Jack and Armband is a great gift for your device that will secure all cell phones all day long whether you are swimming, relaxing on the beach, boating, or drinking near water. To gain your trust, you can do a simple in-water test. Just simply put some cotton cloth or dry paper inside the case and submerge in the water for 3 minutes, in case they are wet, you are 100% guaranteed for product’s replacement.

#9. Ultraproof Waterproof Case for UltraBag Pouch

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Never again have to worry of losing your important phone data due to exposure to liquid spills, let’s just buy this easily attaches Ultraproof Waterproof Case to protect your cell phones. As designed for compatible with all touch phones, it composed of a highly-durable thermoplastic polyurethane material, which protects against scratches and bumps, dust, water and dirt. Moreover, its universal waterproof pouch design will easily accommodate any smartphone under 5.3″ from water damage.

#10. FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Carrying Cases

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The FRIEQ Universal Underwater Case is a barrier that deliver waterproof protection for your cell phones from liquid spills environment. This was designed with universal size that is perfectly fitted to all Large Smartphones up to 5.3″. While maintaining full touch screen functionality, it equipped with digital cameras or mp3 players, come along the crystal clear window on both sides which is easily and safe for travel, swimming and go boating with no worries.

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