Top 10 Best Water Bottles for Kids

With the emphasis so clearly on conserving our environmental resources, many parents are seeking out durable and attractive water bottles to cut down on their use of disposable plastic ones. There is a great need for sturdy, safe and easy to use products that are age-appropriate for the various developmental stages children grow through. Manufacturers are listening to their customers and creating wonderful colorful choices that little fingers and hands can manage on their own or with a little help.

As the desire for practical, easy to clean bottles became stronger, some of the best names in the reusable drinking bottle industry have responded by offering good solutions for kids that have all the features that adults have appreciated for years. Now youngsters can accompany their parents on many different outdoor activities and carry their own fairly indestructible bottles with the same styles their parents have. The very littlest ones have tinier versions of their own, with plenty of bright colors and patterns to please them.

Here is a brief review of the product highlights for some of the best available.

#10. Brita Pink Butterflies Soft Squeeze Water Filter Bottle for Kids

10. Brita Pink Butterflies Soft Squeeze Water Filter Bottle for Kids Buy now from Amazon
This thirteen ounce water bottle will allow your child to enjoy clear, filtered water without the need to purchase up to 300 disposable one. The filter can replace about that many 16 ounce bottles. The product is free of BPA and safely washes in your dishwasher rack, on the top. The filter will last about two months of average use. Children can easily hold it because it is sized just right for their hands and is squeezable. Other benefits include its ability to lessen the amount of chlorine odors and off flavors. At the same time, it helps to control the amount of fluoridation in the water your child drinks. The twist top comes off readily and customers appreciate that the seal is tight and doesn’t leak.

#9. Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle

9. Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle Buy now from Amazon
Nalgene has a long-standing reputation of excellent products for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, so it is not surprising that the company would produce a high quality water bottle for children. This bottle takes its place in Nalgene’s long line of easy to use water carriers for teenagers and adults.

There are five total designs in addition to the Blue Seahorse depicted. Customers may choose Pink Wheels, Purple, Pink Woodland or Spring Green Cars. All of the parts are safe to wash in the dishwasher on the top rack. The lid is soft for comfortable sips and there are indentations in the sides to help little fingers hold on to the bottle. It holds about 12 ounces of liquid and is stain, residue and odor resistant. It has a clasp to attach it to a baby stroller, diaper bag or backpack. Customers claim that the lids are interchangeable and it is unbreakable with normal use.

#8. Nalgene OTF On The Fly Water Bottle for Kids

8. Nalgene OTF On The Fly Water Bottle for Kids Buy now from Amazon
Plenty of positive customer reviews accompany this elementary school age product. As with all the Nalgene water bottles, this one is also free of any BPA and the lids are easy to screw on and off, all without leaks. Most customers appreciate that it can be washed in the dishwasher; however, some have noted that the lids are not made in the USA, so they recommend washing them by hand. This measure was prompted by those who found that the metal ring that secures it breaks easily.

The opening is wider, which makes it easier to clean. There is no need to use a bottle brush. But, the wider size makes it a bit more difficult for some children with smaller hands to use it.

There are five designs available. These are Clear Woodland, Slate Chomp, Purple Hoot, Gray Smash and Gray Square. The 12 ounce capacity is just right for children. The product is Amazon Prime eligible and gift wrapping is an option.

#7. Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

7. Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle Buy now from Amazon
This wide mouthed bottled is designed with a thermal layer to help hold the temperature of its contents. It will accept ice cubes through its wide opening, and this also makes it easy to clean. You can put it in the freezer until you need it and it is also okay to wash it in your dishwasher.

Customers have expressed some confusion about the way the insulation layer slouches around the bottle, but all of them look that way. It is okay to freeze juices as well as water inside it. The manufacturer recommends partially freezing in advance of using it, and customers who did not discovered that their liquids became warm rather quickly even though they added ice cubes.

The product is free of phthalate and BPA. It also fits nicely into standard sized cages for water bottles on bicycles, making it a popular choice for those who ride often.

#6. CamelBak Kid’s Eddy Water Bottle

6. CamelBak Kid’s Eddy Water Bottle Buy now from Amazon
Available in six fun for little kids designs, this bottle is advertized as made for children ages three to eight. Children may bite and sip on the valve cap, which allows for an even flow. The choices are Atomic Robots, Peonies, Dino Party, Lady Bugs, Gators and Foxes. The product is BPS and BPA free.

Though advertised as easy to clean, some customers have pointed out that the straw and bit valve are very difficult to clean. Some have resorted to using q-tips for cleaning them. Others have had problems with the bite valve breaking unexpectedly.

#5. Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle

5. Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle Buy now from Amazon
The Tritan bottle contains no BPA, and is constructed of polypropylene to make it tough enough to withstand a good measure of dropping and toddler play. It is sized for a toddler to be able to easily hold it, with indents for better gripping on the sides.

It comes in Slate Blue, Spring Green, Purple and Pink. The mouthpiece is soft and the screw on top is smooth for comfort while sipping. It is advertised as no leak and will hold 12 ounces of favorite liquids.Customer reviews are highly complimentary of this sipping product. Many claim that it is the most indestructible, excellent quality they have ever used. Customers tend to own several, citing the ease of clipping the bottle to any backpack or carrying bag they use. They also appreciate Nalgene’s commitment to making reusable liquid containers that are truly durable and helpful.

#4. CamelBak Kid’s Eddy 0.4 Liter Water Bottle

4. CamelBak Kid’s Eddy 0.4 Liter Water Bottle Buy now from Amazon
This product features a simple straw and stem system that makes it easy for children to use. All of the parts are simple to remove and clean using the dishwasher. The manufacturer indicates that this bottle is NOT for children younger than 3 years old. The plastic construction resists stains and is free of BPA.It is available in several patterns. These are Dolls, T-Rex, Fruit, Sports, Hearts and Sea. There is a lifetime guarantee offered by the company called “Got Your Bak”. Though this link will be out of stock soon, there are several Amazon sellers who offer the product.

Customers really do like this bottle very much. Many of them stated that it was the best “sippy” bottle they have ever used, and many own more than one. There were some customers that had problems with leaking, but that is definitely not the norm.

#3. Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle, 2 Pack

3. Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle, 2 Pack Buy now from Amazon
There are two brightly colored, 14 ounce bottles in each of these kids packs. The feature colors are Tangerine and Navy. Other color pairs available are Magenta and Lavender, Citron and Cobalt, and Cherry Blossom and Amethyst. The lid is made in one complete piece, avoiding problems with loose parts. The shape is thin and contoured to fit smaller fingers and palms. The product is patented with an “AutoSeal” feature which makes it 100% spill proof, 100% leak proof and it is also 100% free of BPA.

One major problem that customers are having is that the top and rubber tends to become moldy. Parents are very concerned about the difficulty in cleaning out the mold, trying toothpicks, baking soda and other remedies to remove it. They feel that the product is NOT safe for their children, even though the features are excellent.

#2. Reduce Water Week Kids Kaleidoscope 5 Bottle Set

2. Reduce Water Week Kids Kaleidoscope 5 Bottle Set Buy now from Amazon
This brightly patterned set of bottles is a great idea for families that want to have enough bottles to cover an entire school week. Each one holds a generous 10 ounces of liquid. Each bottle is uniquely colored, so color-coordinating with the days of the week could be a time-saving solution for busy parents. The set has its own refrigerator tray and the bottles fit into lunch boxes easily. They are BPA free and safe to clean in the dishwasher. The screw-on tops are white.

There are several additional themed sets including Lil Monsters, Cutie, Cosmic and Simply Sweet so that boys and girls can choose their favorite theme.

Though having a set is one of the more popular things about this product, the major issue everyone has is that the white tops are not attached in any way to the bottles. Customers are losing them quickly and needing to find ways to order replacements. Some parents have had problems with cracks and leaks in a few of their bottles.

#1. Thermos 12 Ounce Funtainer Bottle, Frozen

1. Thermos 12 Ounce Funtainer Bottle, Frozen Buy now from Amazon
This Thermos product for kids will keep liquids cold for up to 12 hours. It is designed with the proprietary Thermos “vacuum insulation technology” made famous generations ago. Made of stainless steel both inside and out, the bottle has a push button lid. When opened, a straw pops up for sipping. There is a handle that is integrated within the design to make carrying the bottle easier. It holds up to 12 ounces of cold liquids. It is not recommended for hot liquids and it should be washed by hand.

Other bottles are thematic as well. Boys and girls can enjoy choosing Batman, Barbie, All Stars, Multicolor; featuring a character looking very much like Mickey Mouse, Pink or Blue.

Out of 3, 161 customer reviews, 71% gave the product 5 stars. Most everyone who owns one loves the cup that their children can use to drink their cold liquids. The downside for people who want them now, is that there is very long time between order and fulfillment. Some have ordered and are waiting between 2 and 5 months for their orders to arrive.

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