Top 10 Best Travel Pillows

Passenger travel pillows that help you feel refreshed after a long journey!!!

Long journeys can be uncomfortable and tiring, especially if you’re a passenger. Like most people sitting in a cramp place for any length of time, your body and legs start to twitch, you start to think that the seat just isn’t comfortable anymore; what you need is a nap, but for many travellers this brings on yet another problem; where to put your head to be comfortable enough for a that needed rest.

One way to aid your comfort and perhaps sleep whilst on those journeys would be to use a travel pillow that supports your head and neck. The use of these travel pillows are becoming more and more popular and can be used in cars, trains, planes, and ships. We’ve put together our most popular types below to help you choose your best suited travel aid.

#10. CABEAU Memory Foam “Evolution Pillow”

10. CABEAU Memory Foam Buy now from Amazon
This memory foamed core travel pillow supports a full 360° for your head neck and chin; it’s supplied with a pair of adjustable toggles to the front for extra comfort and ear plugs to aid your journey. Once your trip is over its carry case reduces the size of the pillow to just a quarter for easy safe storage until the next time its needed.

#9. Oventure Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

9. Oventure Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Buy now from Amazon
Offering a 100% money back guarantee if your body doesn’t thank you after using the Oventure travel pillow, this easy clean comfy travel companion boasts 5 star reviews by its users. Our 9th options seems like a safe bet with a warranty like that.

#8. Bamboo Cervical Traveling Neck Pillow

8. Bamboo Cervical Traveling Neck Pillow Buy now from Amazon
Rated as the number one selling travel pillow from for Bamboo, this soft supportive travel pillow has its own zip cover for easy machine wash, and anti bacterial resistant material. Great travel aid for all forms of transport such as train car and planes.

#7. World’s Best Air Soft Microbead Neck Pillow

7. World's Best Air Soft Microbead Neck Pillow Buy now from Amazon
The Micro bead neck pillow is a lightweight travel pillow made with an extremely soft core covered in polyester and spandex lower shell, with its handy luggage snaps this travel aid can sit tight with the rest of your cases when it’s not needed.

#6. Etronic Ultra Comfort Massage Travel Neck Pillow

6. Etronic Ultra Comfort Massage Travel Neck Pillow Buy now from Amazon
Placed at number 6 is the electronic micro bead cushion that offers the traveller 6 modes that vibrate to give the user not only great support whilst travelling it also massages any stiff necks and releases tension in the shoulders. An ideal travel pillow that’s well suited for home use also. Made using a durable polyester and spandex combination this travel aid will be ready for trip after trip.

#5. KohbiTM Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow

5. KohbiTM Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow Buy now from Amazon
For frequent travellers our 5th option carries a no hassle lifetime replacement warranty, making it the only travel pillow you’ll ever need to buy. It boasts extras such as durable stitching and removable cover allowing easy cleaning for its next trip. A premium cushion designed around its memory foam inner, a travel aid that has been the first choice to many earnest trippers.

#4. Aeris Neck Pillow for Travel

4. Aeris Neck Pillow for Travel Buy now from Amazon
At number 4 is the popular Aeris neck cushion for discerning tripper. Made with a high quality memory foam core that delivers great support to the head and neck, this travel pillow has become a passenger favourite, and supported with additional extras such as sleeping mask and ear plug, it’s a readymade sleep companion. An additional point to make regarding this cushion is that fact that the manufacturers aerate each and every pillow for a whole week so that the memory foam is odourless.

#3. Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

3. Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow Buy now from Amazon
Placed at number 3 is the “Travelmate” a travel pillow that moulds itself around your neck for that perfect fit, allowing for great head and neck posture whilst travelling. With a machine washable zipped velour cover for east cleaning it’s sure to be ready to be a companion on every trip you make.

#2. J Pillow, Travel Pillow

2. J Pillow, Travel Pillow Buy now from Amazon
In 2nd place is the British designed J Pillow, this 2013 award winning design, with benefits such as the ability to supports the head and neck when travelling asleep, boasting its travel support pillow better aids sleep on distance travelling in cars busses and railways. With its U shape design this travel aid can be stored in the tiniest of places.

#1. The Comfort Master

1. The Comfort Master Buy now from Amazon
Top of the chart at number one is the “Comfort Master” with its restorative features that are made from a memory foam offering neck and shoulder support to it users. The travel pillow is both suited to either adults or infants, and is widely used both travelling and resting within the home for constant pain victims.

As you’d expect the number one pillow is available in a range of 3 colours, and is supplied with carry cover with strap, which are both washable.

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