Top 10 Best Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes are widely used by men for a close shave on their face. Shaving brush can create a perfect lather and exfoliate the skin for a comfortable shave. Today, many manufacturers have made and designed various shaving brush with different materials, quality and prices. Therefore, to help you pick a great value one with quality, we have reviewed these top 10 best shaving brushes.

#1. Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush

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Tweezerman Men’s shaving brush is 100% made of badger hair bristles; therefore, it is super great for creating a thick lather for shaving. Moreover, the premium wooden handle is great in your hand. With this awesome shaving brush, close shave will never be a problem again because it helps soften and raise beard while gently exfoliating the skin in preparation for a close, comfortable shave.

#2. High Density 100% Pure Black Badger Shaving Brush with Wood Handle

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This is a shaving brush that is purely made of quality black badger hair. Due to the premium badger hair, it offer a soft feel to your skin. Moreover, it exfoliates your skin as well; therefore, it is going to improve your appearance after shaving. Coming with 1 year warranty, you can rest assured that you are going to get a good quality shaving brush once order.

#3. Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set

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This is a luxury shave set for men from Van Der Hagen. This classy shave set includes a shave brush which is entirely made of pure badger hair, a monogrammed apothecary mug, a hypo-allergenic shave soap and a combination brush and razor stand. Due to quality prioritization, this shave set offers great shaving experience; the soap and brush deliver good lather for a close shave; and the mug and stand are going to look great in every bathroom.

#4. Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set (2.5 oz. Soap, Bowl, Brush)

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This is a premium shave set from Van Der Hagen. This set includes hypo-allergenic shave soap, ceramic bowl for foaming lather, and a 100% natural boar bristle brush. To illustrate, the brush is handmade; thus, you are going to get the finest quality from it. Moreover, the soap contains 40% humectants moisturizers which help soften your beard in preparation for close shave.

#5. The Body Shop Men’s Synthetic Shaving Brush

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This is a synthetic shaving brush from the infamous cosmetics brand, The Body Shop. The brush is made of animal-free super soft synthetic hairs; thus, there is no harm to any animal producing this brush. If you are an animal lover, this is a shaving brush for you. Moreover, the handle of the brush is made with community trade Russian birch wood; therefore, it is indeed an eco-friendly product. Last but not least, the brush can enhance foamy lather of your shaving cream or soap perfectly; and the rounded handle design is just great to hold.

#6. Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush–Now On Sale!!!!

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Perfecto shaving brush holds plenty of moisture to lather up your shave soap, so you can apply the perfect creamy resulting foam to your face. Because it is made of pure badger bristle, it does a much better job than synthetic or boar bristles; thus you are going to enjoy your shaving experience with this ultimate shaving brush. Moreover, it has an unbeatable price; thus getting one does not cost you an arm and a leg.

#7. Omega 46065 Shaving Set with Brush, Holder, and Soap in Bowl

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Omega 46065 is a premium shaving set made in Italy. This package includes Omega boar brush, Omega shaving soap in bowl and a plastic brush stand to hold your brush to dry after use. As it is a fine shaving set, it can be an excellent gift for men. In addition, as it is sold in an affordable price, getting one for yourself will not break your bank.

#8. Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush (Chrome Handle) and Free Shaving Brush Stand

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This is a premium quality shaving brush from the infamous Parker. As it is made of Silvertip badger bristle, it is indeed better than any other brush available on the market. To be exact, silvertip badger is regarded by many to be the best material for bristle because it can hold a large amount of water. This premium brush comes with a free brush stand so that you can hang the brush to dry after use.

#9. Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush With Drip Stand, Imitation Ivory, Medium

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Edwin Jagger badger shaving brush is designed and made in England to perfectly fit your hand and to offer a great shaving experience because it takes size and weight into its consideration. Moreover, it comes with a stand for easy storage and drying purposes; therefore, it can offer outstanding quality and years of use.

#10. Pure Badger Shaving Brush by Slate Shave- 22mm Wide Knot – Faux Rosewood Handle – High Quality Hair and Bristles for the Best in Wet Shaving

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Slate Shave designed this pure badger shaving brush for those who want a closer shave. This badger shaving brush helps lifting and softening your beard in preparation for a closer and safer shave. Moreover, this quality brush can hold lots of water to create a creamy thick lather for your face. Coming with a year warranty and good customer service, you can rest assured that you will get a great shaving brush.

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