Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks

As we become more and more dependent on electronic devices, particularly smartphones, we all seem to be inseparable from those devices. Power is one of the most important thing that we all need to run these devices. Due to this reason, power bank is increasingly popular. Below are the Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks review.

#1. K2R-803 Portable Cell Phone Charger with flashlight

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This final product is designed for both technology and non-technology people. First of all, its design is gorgeous and super light. Next, it has Lithium Ion Battery with 7800 mAh capacity that can be used with most of the phones and digital products via USB cable. Moreover, it has two USB ports that supports multi-device charges. For top security, it is equipped with intelligent K2R monitoring system with over-load safety protections over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, and short-circuit. Last but not least, 4 LED light indicators will inform you the remaining charging power.

#2. RAVPower® 15000mAh Deluxe Portable Charger with iSmart Technology

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This power bank is equipped with iSmart technology which offers high speed charging for devices including Apple, Android or Windows. The RAVPower® 15000mAh Deluxe Portable Charger has a pretty thick appearance that makes it astoundingly sturdy. It is powered by premium A+ battery cell with 15000 mAh capacity for over 1000 charging cycles. Finally, it dual USB ports allows two devices to charge at the same time and you are also inform of the remaining charging capacity with LEDs bar.

#3. PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Red/Black Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter

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The PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso can charge all your portable electronic devices, like phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players and so on. What is more is that this one might come in handy if you are in a middle of nowhere and you need some juice to jump start your car. In addition to this function, it has two USB ports that supports multi-device charges with an LED flash indicator light. Finally, it has PowerAll features over current protection that prevents the power bank from any circuit damage.

#4. External Battery Charger 10400mAh Power Bank with Best Mobile Charger Dual USB Action Delivery System

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This powerful battery allows the power bank to charge your devices super-fast, iPhone 3 to 6 times and android phones from 3 to 5 times. Moreover, with its ultra slim, sleek and light, this power bank has 10400 mAh Li Polymer Smart Battery that has long and efficient battery life and come along with the two USB ports that supports multi-device charges. Last of all, you can get your money back if you feel unsatisfied with the product.

#5. Aibocn® 5000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank Dual USB Portable External Battery Charger

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This design is simple but elegant in its unique way. In other words, it’s absolutely gorgeous when it comes to its design. The Aibocn® 5000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank is definitely the champion that comes with 5000 mAh capacity battery with dual two USB ports in order to provide faster charging. Last but not least, it has short-circuit and over-current protection feature and is compatible with popular smart phones and tablets in the market.

#6. Portable Charger +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 3000mAh with Lightning Cable

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If you are looking for small and adorable power bank that comes with variety of vibrant colors, then let’s check this portable charger. With its small and handsome looks that allows you to charge your phone even in your pocket, the power bank is also powered by Samsung battery 3000 mAh Grade A Cell that has the capacity to charge your phones full speed. Importantly, this package comes with an 18-month warranty with an extra premium gift of the lightning cable for Apple in which you can get your money back if anything happen.

#7. Vinsic 20000mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank

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VINSIC 20000mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank has the capacity to charge your iPhone 10 times faster which made it as an ideal type for travelling and business trips. Also, it is powered by the super high capacity battery, 20000mAH that can provide high speed charges for all phones. Furthermore, on the top edge of its stylish design, an LED display will keep you update on the charging status and battery level, in addition to its two USB ports that can charge two devices at the same time.

#8. EC Technology® 2nd Gen Deluxe 22400mAh Ultra High Capacity 3 USB Output External Battery

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Besides its high-end power source, this model is crafted from high-grade flame-retardant plastic that has hard property to protect the power bank from hard compression or accident fall. It also has an A+ Lithium-ion battery that after 24 months it still has over 80% capacity. Moreover, LED display indicates the charging status and battery level with 3 USB ports that allow for high-speed multiple device charges, making the 2nd Gen. Deluxe Battery has the most effective battery you can find in the market.

#9. Portable External Battery Charger TRUE-12000 mAh “Smart” Power Bank

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The most outstanding feature of this model is its flash charge which can charge 8 times faster on most smartphones. This incredible power bank will give you approximately 80 hours of talk time, 320 hours of audio playback, 80 hours of internet and video playback and 2000 hours of standby on iPhone. With a slim and thin body made from the highest quality materials and aircraft grade aluminum, SAFE Portable External Battery Charger “Smart” Power Bank provides you the best experience. Hence, you can go anywhere with this power bank without having to worry about power supply to your electronic devices anymore.

#10.Power Bank, Lightning Power Bank®

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Lighting power bank delivers you the premium both the hardware and the software. The case is made of the sparkling chrome quality components with colored metal aluminum. Moreover, it has the digital LCD display that illustrates a percentage of the remaining power and the USB port usage data. It comes with a 3-in-1 charging cable as well. More importantly, it is equipped with Grade A Batteries that has the capacity of 12,000 mAh in which you will find this model compatible with every popular devices in the market.

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