Top 10 Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases

For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, case is a must have accessory because your beloved phone is vulnerable without protections. Case allows you to use your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with less worry of potential hazards like scratches and drop. Therefore, we have compiled the top 10 best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases for you to consider.

#1. For iPhone 6 Plus Case,IC ICLOVER Perfect-Fit iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Case

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IC ICLOVER is a 3D rhinestone diamond hard case for iPhone 6 Plus. This case is specifically designed to be good looking and classy. Interestingly, each case is 100% crafted. Not only designed to protect your beloved iPhone 6 Plus from dust, scratches, and other potential hazards, this glitter case also allows easy access to all buttons and features of your phones as well.

#2. iPhone 6 Plus Case, Flexion

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This is a crystal clear case for iPhone 6 Plus from Flexion. It is designed with air cushion technology that absorbs shock for ultimate protection. Moreover, the high quality polycarbonate UV coating on the case guarantees no scratches, watermarks or even fingerprints; thus your case will stay crystal clear. Interestingly, the case is light in weight and it is also slim, yet it can offer a great grip in your hand.

#3. iPhone 6 Plus Case, Case Army

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This is an iPhone 6 Plus case from Case Army which is one of the famous case manufacturers on the market. This scratch-resistant slim clear case features TPU edges on all sides and buttons for great protection. Moreover, it lets your phone beauty shines through its crystal clear plastic rubber. Interestingly, the rubber is smooth and resists from dirt and stains. Last but not least, the price of this case is super affordable comparing to other cases on the market.

#4. iPhone 6 Plus Case, 5.5″ Shamo’s Thin Case Cover for Iphone 6 Plus

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Shamo’s thin case cover for iPhone 6 Plus is made of TPU rubber gel that is transparent. To elaborate, the soft rubber material is crystal clear and it can provide great protection for your iPhone 6 Plus from hazards like scratches, dirt and bumps. The design is slim and specific; thus it can still retain the beauty of your phone and at the same time allow full access to your iPhone’s ports and buttons.

#5. iPhone 6 Case, New Trent Trenti 6 Transparent Clear Bumper iPhone Case

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This is an awesome transparent clear bumper case for iPhone 6. It is designed to be slim and easy to install on your iPhone 6. Interestingly, the choice of materials is carefully done; the case is a mixture of flexible and solid material; thus, it is transparent, yet durable and effective in protecting your iPhone 6 from damages. As it is slim and crystal clear, you can go on and show off your new phone to the world with this case in a slender design.

#6. iPhone 6 Plus Case, CellBee

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CellBee Life Companion series is a super slim hard shell case that not only protects your phone, but also makes your phone looks even better. This amazing case is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus model. The polycarbonate shard shell and flexible inner silicone provides dual protection from death drop and scratches. Without doubt, this rugged protective case is made for heavy use and random accidents.

#7. iPhone 6 Plus Case, 5.5″ Shamo’s Thin Case Cover

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Shamo thin case cover for iPhone 6 Plus is a TPU rubber gel transparent clear back case. With transparent clear back and 0.5mm thin slim design, this case allows you to show off your shiny phone and protect it at the same time. This case is produced from high quality silicone rubber gel and plastic; thus it can protect your beloved phone from scratches, dirt and bumps. Specifically designed for iPhone 6 Plus, this case doesn’t prevent access to your important ports and buttons.

#8. iPhone 6 Plus Case, ULAK iPhone 6 Plus Holster Denfender Case

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This is ULAK iPhone 6 Plus shell holster and back cover that allows hands free viewing experience. The rubberized textured on this case offers great protection and a better grip in hand. Moreover, the holster clip swivels on this case allow you to wear the phone on your waistband and belt. Interestingly, you can easily remove your iPhone 6 Plus from the holster without removing it from the case.

#9. iPhone 6 Case, Flexion

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This is a great iPhone 6 case from Flexion. This Fexion Euphoria Series case is colorful and classy. This case offers you all-around drop protection for every angle. Moreover, the raised edges is designed for protecting your screen in case you accidently drop your phone from the surface. With this case, you can enjoy using your phone without worrying of scratches, damages, and fingerprints because it has a soft-finish exterior and microfiber interior.

#10. iPhone 6 Case, Spigen

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Spigen non-slip iPhone 6 case is for people who don’t want a case because it is super thin; thus it gives you the feel of nearly the same as a naked iPhone. Interestingly, the soft feel coated offers a great grip in your hand. Moreover, this case is durable and timeless because of the premium polycarbonate with Urethane coating that can prevent discoloration. Last but not least, it is precisely designed for iPhone 6, thus it allows access to all ports, buttons and speakers.

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