Top 10 Best Ice Tongs

Every great party or gathering shall come with great food and nice drinks. Either you serve soft drinks or beers, ice is always an important complement for a better drinking experience. This minor detail may goes unnoticed; yet it is always a good thing to prepare your party well and let the fun follows. For that, a great ice tong would be needed to serve your ice. Thus, for those who wants a nice-looking and quality ice tong for your next party, below list of the top 10 best ice tongs in 2020 will help you.

#1. Godinger Leaf Design 2 Tone Ice Tongs

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Standing at the top of the list, the Godinger Leaf Design 2 Tone Ice Tongs are perfectly the best kitchen utensils you should consider for your next shopping. They consist of all necessary features: design, quality and price. Different to other standard ice tongs, the Godinger Ice Tongs are made of metal, which tend to add better weight and grip for retrieving ice cubes conveniently. The ends’ design is an elegant, gold-spoon like feature that provide nothing but sleek and stunning look for your next party.

#2. Browne & Co Cuisipro 7-Inch Ice Tongs

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Adding to the previous Browne Foodservice Ice Tongs, Browne & Co also marks another great ice tongs in the list, which is the Browne & Co Cuisipro 7-Inch Ice Tongs. These very polished and mirror-finish looking ice tongs simply add elegance and perfection to every kitchen. With their comfortable shaped design, these ice tongs are perfect for either daily use or party. The strong and stainless steel core of these ice tongs allow for better gripping as well as durability to the item, making them one of the best kitchen essentials you must have.

#3. Browne Foodservice 1157 Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

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These Browne Foodservice 1157 Stainless Steel Ice Tongs hit the top 3 rankings simply because of their unique scalloped claw design that can ensure perfect ice grip and look for your party. Needless to worry about the durability, these ice tongs are specially made of quality stainless steel to offer comfortable and heavy-duty using experience. More importantly, consumers are satisfied not only for the performance they provide but also for the very reasonable price they cost.

#4. Bonny Bar Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

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With their nice and classy design, the Bonny Bar Stainless Steel Ice Tongs are great for either daily use or party. They are made specially from quality stainless steel with long and sharp teeth for better gripping experience. The handles are also perfect for everyone, thanks to the very soft and rubber-support feature on both sides. These ice tongs can be used for both heavy or lightweight duty; they are just perfect to have all around.

#5. Fred and Friends COLDFINGERS Mitten Ice Tongs

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Fred and Friends COLDFINGERS Mitten Ice Tongs are one of the cute and fun ice tongs to use during your party either at home or workplace. Quite different to other standard ice tongs, these creative ice tongs from Fred and Friends provide a unique kind of look to the product, with two red, little silicone mittens worn at the end of each tongs. Although the look is quite funny and cute, the ice tongs still provide great quality for retrieving ice cubes. Get these COLDFINGERS Mitten Ice Tongs, and add more fun to your next home parties or family occasions.

#6. Silver Plated Ice Tongs

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If you love arts or fancy looking items, then you should definitely consider the Silver Plated Ice Tongs for your next shopping. These ice tongs feature a very edgy and fancy design, perfect for those who want to add a bit more elegance to their party or gathering. Rated as one of the best-seller items in 2020, the Silver Plated Ice Tongs come in as an inexpensive item, considering the silver-plated material used and the very nice, elegant looking design they provide.

#7. Update International PT-6 Stainless Steel Pom Tong

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Standing at number seven, the Stainless Steel Pom Tong are known for its simple yet functional design. Made from sustainable stainless steel measuring at 6 inches long, Pom Tong is perfect for any heavy duty use. You should not be worried about the capability and strength of this very simple ice tong, as it is specially designed for versatile and heavy uses. Needless to say, this stainless steel is very easy to clean and store in either your kitchen or home bar.

#8. Outset Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

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The Outset Ice Tongs are easily one of the best looking ice tongs out there in the market. They have a really sleek and fancy design that would surely look great in your kitchen or home bar. They are made of stainless steel that features very sharp and grip teeth that helps prevent ice cube from slipping while you are serving your drinks. If you are those people who love matte-looking design, then this Outset Ice Tongs is the one to go for. They did not go through any polishing or brushing process like other standard ice tongs, making them a very sleek and classic-looking item for your party’s or daily use.

#9. OXO SteeL Ice Tongs

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You will never go wrong with OXO Steel Ice Tongs. Functionality and design are the key elements of these ice tongs. They come with a very sleek, modern-look design that complement perfectly to your drinks serving at home or parties. They feature sharp teeth, allowing for better ice-grabbing experience. In addition, the grips come with a soft rubber supported on both sides, making them very easy to hold with comforts. A very handy closed lock also comes with the grips to ensure proper storages.

#10. WMF Manaos / Bistro Ice Tongs

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Standing at number 10, the WMF Manaos/Bistro Ice Tongs are well known for their stylish look and comfortable using experience. These ice tongs are specially designed and crafted by Peter Baurle in his Bistro collection, which are made from 18/10 stainless steel that can ensures a great, highly polish look. Moreover, these ice tongs are very functional. You may want to use them for serving ice during parties or family occasions, or simply use them for your daily use at home.

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