Top 10 Best Ice Buckets

Any social gathering or party requires a nice, functional and good-looking ice bucket to keep the ice cool and clean. Ice bucket can be a very common utensil in every kitchen; yet without proper considerations, you may end up getting a plastic, low-quality one that cannot deliver the service. For that very reason, it is worth considering the top 10 best ice buckets in 2020  below:

#1. Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs

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This stainless steel ice bucket from Oggi is the best one you should get right now. This ice bucket is specially made from quality stainless steel with double wall protection that can help to maintain your drinks cool at all times. The exterior design is neat and classy, with two side rings to help you move it around with ease even if it is full. The ice tongs that come with this ice bucket are also a great deal, considering the simple yet elegant design they provide. Having difficulties to find a perfect ice bucket for your party? Then, this ice bucket from Oggi is undoubtedly the best one you should get.

#2. Artisan Stainless Steel Hand Hammered Insulated Beverage Tub

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The Artisan Stainless Steel Hand Hammered Insulated Beverage Tub is one of the most durable and unique ice bucket out there in the market. This ice bucket is quite big, and thus can accommodate large numbers of drinks and ice to serve for your family occasions or weekend parties. With the double wall insulation and stainless steel build, this ice tub can maintain your beverages cold up to around 6 hours. Therefore, this ice tub is definitely a must-have item for your next family gatherings.

#3. Elegance Hammered 6-Inch Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

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Standing at number three, the Elegance Hammered 6-Inch Stainless Steel Ice Bucket is elegant just like its name shows. It is a well-rounded kind of design which offers double wall protection to keep the ice and drinks cold for longer period. It also comes with a pair of quality and sharp ice tongs which perfectly complement the design of the ice bucket. The bucket is also washable in a dishwasher, so you do not need to worry about hand cleaning.

#4. Lenox Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

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Lenox is another famous company who produces great ice buckets. As such, the Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket from Lenox is a very nice and well-made product that is worth considering and adding to your kitchen utensils. This size of the bucket is big and roomy, suitable for large storage of ice and drinks. The design from this Lenox’s design is also a unique one, somewhat may add a lot of interests to classic people who want a classy and elegant look for their dining table.

#5. TWINE Galvanized Steel Ice Bucket

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The TWINE Galvanized Steel Ice Bucket is perfect for people who like to travel around or go for picnics and keep their drink cold and fresh. This ice bucket comes with a very good size, suitable to keep your champagne or wine cool at all times. Thanks to the galvanized steel made of this ice bucket, you cannot go wrong with it anywhere you go. The material keeps your ice bucket from rust and makes it convenient for cleaning all around.

#6. OXO Good Grips Plastic Ice Bucket with Ice Tongs

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Another great option from OXO is the OXO Good Grips Plastic Ice Bucket which is ideal for people who prefer lower price yet similar quality. Like the previous model, this ice bucket from OXO also comes with very nice ice tongs that can be placed right at the side of the bucket when they are not in used. Although plastic made, this ice bucket from OXO delivers high quality and functionality just like the more pricey ones.

#7. OXO Good Grips Steel Ice Bucket and Tongs Set

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This ice bucket from OXO comes in as a set. It includes a very nice stainless steel-made ice bucket with a pair of well-made and high quality ice tongs. This OXO Ice Bucket and Tongs set is great for daily or party uses. The bucket also features a nice flip-top lid that is made for easy adjustment and secure storage. The grip is very handy, thanks to the soft, rubber supported handle, which is great for handling around for ice serving in the party.

#8. Prodyne Iceberg Party Tub

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People who love to keep their drinks cold and fresh outdoor must love the Prodyne Iceberg Party Tub. Used as both an ice bucket and ice tub, this product provides a very big room for ice and beverages storage, suitable for outdoor party. It has a clear acrylic look that is made from BPA-free material, which is well known for durability and functionality.

#9. Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket with Tongs

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Bormioli Rocco Dedalo is one of the best and leading Italian companies, specializing in machinery and materials especially made of glass. As such, the Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket offers a great choice for those people who love glass or transparent materials. The quality this ice tong provides is also of high standard that can offer a pleasant ice storing and serving experience.

#10. Oggi Double Wall Ice Bucket with Flip Lid and Stainless Ice Scoop

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Standing at number 10, the Oggi Double Wall Ice Bucket is one the best ice buckets you can get right now. It weighs seven pounds, built with aluminum materials that feature a nice flip lid and stainless steel ice scoop. This ice bucket from Oggi has a double wall that can guarantee long-period storage of ice to keep it fresh and cool for serving.

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